Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Design and Simulation a Trapezoid Cross-Sectional Spiral Micromixer and Fabricated by using Additive Manufacturing    M.Sc.    rouhi, omid    2018-12-21
2    Simulation and optimization of heat transfer characteristics and entropy generation of hybrid nano-fluid flow in micro-channels    M.Sc.    Rabiei, Saeed    2018-09-10
3    Optimization of CCHP systems based on Energy, Economic analysis and Reduction of pollutants    M.Sc.    Sadatifar, Seyedsoroush    2018-06-11
4    Advanced Exergy Analysis of a CCHP system in single and Multi-objective optimization with GAMS software    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Sina    2018-06-11
5    Experimental investigation of solar steam generation by nanotechnology and natural materials    Ph.D    ghafoorian, mohammad mustafa    2018-05-10
6    Investigating the effect of direct heating of natural gas on soot formation, flame temperature, luminosity and emissions: A Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach    Ph.D    Jalilimehr, Mohammad    2017-12-21
7    Numerical study of the thermo-physical properties effects of a flattube heat exchanger and the effects of metal particle additives on the performance of adsorption refrigeration systems    M.Sc.    khatibi, meysam    2017-11-20
8    Numerical investigation of cannula geometry effect on blood flow hydraulic    M.Sc.    Entezari, Soroush    2017-11-13
9    Two-dimensional simulation melting of pure materials in a square cavity with respect to natural convection using Lattice Boltzmann method    M.Sc.    sheibani, majid    2017-07-24
10    Experimental and numerical study of blood flow hemodynamic in coronary artery    Ph.D    Raoufi, Mohammadamin    2017-07-01
11    Numerical Study of the Electroosmotic Flow of a non-Newtonian Fluid Through Rectangular Microchannels at High Zeta Potentials    M.Sc.    Fadaei, Payam    2016-12-13
12    Effect of channel geometry and surface properties of heterogeneous on electroosmotic flow mixing with Lattice Boltzmann method    M.Sc.    basati, yaser    2016-12-12
13    3D simulation of Electroosmotic fluid mixer with Lattice Boltzmann method with Helmholtz Smoluchowski approximation    M.Sc.    Kashi, Alireza    2016-06-06
14    Experimental and numerical investigation on enhancement of transformer’s cooling system performance by nanofluid and geometric parameters variation    Ph.D    Raeisian, Leyla    2016-05-23
15    Numerical investigation of drug delivery using magnetic field in coronary artery, aortic arch, and 90 bend    M.Sc.    SODAGAR, HAMID    2016-05-09
16    Experimental investigation of the effects of nanoparticles on the performance of pcm-air heat exchangers    Ph.D    Kazemi, Mahdi    2016-04-20
17    Numerical analysis and optimization of active micro-mixer performance driven by viscous micro-pump by Lattice Boltzmann Method    Ph.D    Khozeymeh Nezhad, Hojjat    2016-02-18
18    Droplet Impact Simulation on Arbitrary Solid Surfaces and a Liquid Film Using Lattice Boltzmann Method    M.Sc.    fallah kharmiani, soroush    2016-01-13
19    Survey of blood flow treatment in the intracranial Aneurysms before and after surgery with WEB Device    M.Sc.    momenzadeh, mohammadebrahim    2015-11-30
20    The Influence of Vortical Structures (Vortex) on the Heat Transfer and Momentum of a Rotating Droplet    M.Sc.    talebpour, zahra    2015-10-05
21    Numerical and experimental investigation of solidification of incompressible viscous stagnation flow on a constant temperature substrate    Ph.D    Zamani Aghaie, Alireza    2015-07-22
22    The Numerical Modeling and Exergy Analysis of Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle with Four Adsorbent Beds    M.Sc.    sohrabi chokanlo, rahim    2015-06-22
23    Numerical analysis of underfloor air distribution system in a educational facilities by Considering the thermal comfort and indoor air quality    M.Sc.    moslehi, hamed    2015-06-01
24    Simulation of heavy-duty vehicle adsorption cooling system driven by engine waste heats    M.Sc.    Golparvar, Seyyed Behzad    2015-05-25
25    Numerical modeling and the structural-operational improvement of adsorbent bed by flat tube heat exchanger and trapezoidal fins in adsorption chiller    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADZADEH KOWSARI, MILAD    2015-05-25
26    Numerical simulation of laminar and turbulent blood flow in symmetric straight and curved stenosed arteries using OpenFOAM    M.Sc.    shirdel, hessam    2015-05-25
27    Simulation of blood flow in a moving coronary artery with branch    M.Sc.    ajam, navid    2015-04-20
28    investigate blood flow and Fluid - Structure interaction in carotid bifurcation artery    M.Sc.    rabbani, shadi    2014-12-15
29    Numerical Modeling of Mixing in Microflows using Helmholtz-Smoluchowski Model    M.Sc.    Farahinia, Ali Reza    2014-11-10
30    Experimental study of the effect of the electric field and the electrochemical properties of the electrolyte on bubble formation in microchannel by electro-osmotic pump    M.Sc.    Pourali, Mohammadmahdi    2014-09-30
31    An experimental investigation on the effect of SiO2 nanofluid on the thermal efficiency and exergetic optimization of flat-plate solar collectors    M.Sc.    Salavati Meibodi, Saleh    2014-09-29
32    Lattice Boltzmann simulation of melting with natural convection    M.Sc.    Mahallatian Babaki, Seyyed Davood    2014-05-05
33    Mixing effect study in electroosmotic flows using Lattice Boltzmann methode    M.Sc.    Salahshour, Behrouz    2014-04-21
34    Investigation the effects of flow pattern on effective parameters that causes atherosclerosis in internal carotid arteries    M.Sc.    SHARIFI, ALIREZA    2014-03-03
35    improving urban commuting time management using logit location based model, ANN and wireless network in gis    M.Sc.    Behravan, Ali    2014-01-11
36    Experimental Investigation and Exergy of Analysis Adsorption Cooling Cycle    Ph.D    sharifzadeh, mohammad    2013-11-06
37    simulation of cavity using lattice boltzmann method    M.Sc.    bihamta toussi, sepehr    2013-06-25
38    The study of fluid-structure interaction in abdominal aortic aneurysm    M.Sc.    Mesri, Yaser    2013-06-10
39    Numerical study of metal additives effects on the performance of adsorption chillers    M.Sc.    Azarfar, Milad    2013-05-06
40    Study of the Blood\\\'s Pulsatile Flow in the Carotid Artery & LDL Mass Transfer to Its Wall    M.Sc.    Deyranlou, Amin    2013-04-22
41    numerical study of blood oxygen mass transfer in straight and curved arteries    M.Sc.    RAOUFI, MOHAMMADAMIN    2012-12-17
42    The Influence of Stent Geometry and Non-Newtonian Effect on Hemodynamic in Stented Coronary Artery    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, hosein    2012-09-17
43    Simulation of electroosmotic flow in flat channels with the Lattice Boltzmann Method    Ph.D    Mohammadipoor, Omid Reza    2011-09-14
44    Investigation of rarefied flows in micro/nano channels using N-S and newly developed DSMC-IP methods    Ph.D    Amiri Jaghargh, Ali    2011-09-04
45    : Experimental investigation of the effect of argon and nitrogen dilution on NOx emission in a propane-air non-premixed flame    M.Sc.    Rangrazi, Abdolrasoul    2011-05-30
46    Optimization of the adsoption cooling systems    M.Sc.    Talebian, Hoda    2011-03-14
47    Investigation of Raefied Flow in Nano/Micro Cavity Using DSMC    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, Alireza    2011-02-08
48    Hydraulic & thermal optimization of plate heat exchangers    M.Sc.    Arhami, Hamed    2010-12-20
49    Study of mixing by electrokenetic effects in slip flows    Ph.D    Jamaati, Jafar    2010-07-29
50    A study in the effects of guidewire presence on blood hemodynamics in stenosed arteries.    M.Sc.    rahmani, ali    2010-05-24
51    Theoretical, Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Nanofluids Flowing inside Different Geometries    Ph.D    Ebrahimnia Bajestan, Ehsan    2009-10-07
52    Three dimensional modeling of adsoption chilers with two beds    M.Sc.    mahdavikhah, mahdi    0000-00-00